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Black Mosquito Eradicator
White Mosquito Eradicator
Dimensions of the Mosquito Eradicator
Portable USB Mosquito Eradicator LED Lamp
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Portable USB Mosquito Eradicator LED Lamp

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India, Say Goodbye to Mosquitoes 

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Product Description:

As the summer season is upon us, so is the annoyance and danger of mosquitoes. But, do not worry, our Mosquito Eradicator Lamp has got your back. 

With its LED, it lures nearby mosquitos, sucks them in and dehydrates them. All this without any noise.

Our Mosquito Eradicator Lamp is far more convenient than a mosquito swatter. You no longer need to actively look for mosquitoes before bed. The Mosquito Eradicator Lamp will do the job for you. 

Moreover, the Mosquito Eradicator Lamp is odourless, and thus it's better than a mosquito coil in that regard. 

Also, as it's powered by USB, you will never need to buy any refills ever again. 

Honestly, the benefits are endless. 

Here's Why You'll Love This:

  • Super silent at work, ensuring it doesn't disturb your sleep
  • 100% portable, meaning you can use it wherever you please
  • No need to buy any refills ever, it's powered by USB 
  • Non-toxic and environmental friendly
Components of the Mosquito Eradicator Lamp

Product Details: 

Colour:  Black/White

Material: ABS

Connectivity: USB 

Size: 19cm by 13cm

Lifespan:  50,000 hours

Package Contents:

1 X Portable USB Mosquito Eradicator LED Lamp

1 X USB Cable (No Adaptor)

1 X User Manual (English) 

User Guide:

Please refer to the user manual included in your package for the best practices on how to use the Mosquito Eradicator Lamp. 

As for the functioning, the lamp attracts mosquitoes nearby by using its purple LED, then sucks it and finally dehydrates it. The mesh box (bottom of the lamp) stores the dead mosquitoes. 

If you still have any questions on the working, please write to us at:

Sound test of the mosquito eradicator

Key Points:

Want to get the best out of your Portable USB Mosquito Eradicator LED Lamp? Follow these key points:

  • Turn off other light sources when using the lamp for best results
  • Clean the mesh box before use
  • Put the lamp at least 1 meter above ground level for optimal performance
  • Keep children under the age of 6 away from the device
Portable USB Mosquito Eradicator LED Lamp is Better Health Approved

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Ask a Question
  • Will the lamp work in a well-lit environment?

    Though the Mosquito Eradicator Lamp may catch some mosquitoes in a well-lit environment. It is best suited for dark rooms. Only then will the purple light be able to attract far off mosquitoes, and consequently, provide optimal results.

  • How do I clean the lamp?

    You can clean the Mosquito Eradicator Lamp simply with water. Water won't affect the functioning at all. However, please do not pour any water on the USB connector. Also, get rid of all the mosquitoes in the mesh box before cleaning the lamp with water.